Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Only in Utah

Torturing American citizens? Sure why not? Lying about virtually everything? Who hasn't fibbed now and then? Launching an illegal and immoral war based on false evidence you, yourself ginned up that then backfires into the biggest foreign policy disaster in U.S. History? Heck, everybody makes mistakes.

But saying the F-word? That's were the good folks at BYU draw the line.


DDD said...

I like how the BYU republicans are proud that the "most powerful man in the world" is speaking at their campus.

Btw, my name is "Bucky" I eat Wheaties and go canoing with my mommy.

The Fire Next Time said...

Bucky, check out this link that Sullivan had up today:

It's about how even BYU students are protesting Cheney speaking at their school, and how he's a "moral pariah." I think you'll be heartened by it.

The Fire Next Time said...

Oops. I hadn't actually clicked on any of your links yet, and didn't realize you'd already covered that article. And that was the point of the whole post... My bad.

Anyway, it seems the students are upset about the "F word," but also about his character in general. I mean, that should say something, shouldn't it?

Bucky said...

Yes, if you read the whole article the BYUers deserve more credit than I gave them. But the fact that "swearing" is even on their list of grievances is utterly silly and quintessentially Utahn.