Friday, June 8, 2007

Celebrities are Criminals too!

Not since O.J.'s fateful ride in the White Bronco has our pathetic "mainstream" media been collectively drooling at the prospect of non-stop coverage of a celebrity perp walk. Even CNN International has apparently decided to drop the facade that they still cover serious News, and resume live coverage of the order of Paris Hilton back to jail; or rather Judge Michael T. Sauer's attempt to order Paris back to jail, since we all know by now that rich blondes can't really be expected to actually sit in jail for breaking LAWS that apply only to mere mortals.

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The Fire Next Time said...

I read yesterday that the dude who took that already infamous picture of Paris crying in the back of the police car yesterday was the same guy who took the very famous picture of the naked little girl in the street in Vietnam after the napalming. Nick Ut. INteresting, I thought.